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Our Google Map Extractor Software is a game-changer for businesses looking to collect vital data from Google Maps. Extract mobile numbers, email addresses, and images effortlessly. With Full Reseller Rights and a License Key Generator, you're equipped to offer this powerful tool to businesses seeking precision in their audience targeting.

Introducing the Google Map Extractor – your ultimate solution for extracting valuable data from Google Maps. This Windows-based software is a powerful tool that runs on your PC, allowing you to scrape data effortlessly. Discover the remarkable features that make this product stand out.


☑️Scrap Unlimited Data: Unlock the potential to harvest vast amounts of data from Google Maps by utilizing multiple keywords and locations. Say goodbye to limitations and scrape unlimited data to fuel your business needs.


☑️Maximum Extraction Fields: With this advanced system, you can extract an extensive array of critical information from Google Maps, including Business Name, Mobile Number, Review Count, Rating Count, Category, Address, Website, Email Id, Plus Code, Closing Hours, Latitude, Longitude, Instagram Profile, Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Profile, and Images. Gain comprehensive insights with just a few clicks.


☑️100% Resale Rights: The power is not limited to you alone. With a regular license, you have the freedom to sell this software to your customers on an unlimited number of computers. Each computer generates a unique ‘KeyCode,’ and as the software owner, you can provide them with ‘Activation Code’ complete with a date of validity.


☑️Modern Material Design: Experience the latest Material UI design with a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless and visually appealing interaction. Efficiency meets aesthetics in this cutting-edge design.


☑️Multi Lingual: Enjoy the convenience of our software in over 19 languages, ensuring accessibility for a global audience.


☑️Exportable Reports: Easily export all the data you’ve scraped into an Excel sheet, simplifying data analysis and sharing with your team.


☑️Comprehensive Documentation: Empower yourself with detailed documentation complete with images and helpful markups, as well as video tutorials. Get the guidance you need to make the most of this powerful tool.


☑️Runnable Files: We provide you with the necessary runnable files, making installation and setup a breeze.


☑️License Key Manager: Rest assured with our robust Activation Process, which includes a ‘KeyGen’ bundled with the app. Your software is protected, ensuring your data extraction remains secure.


☑️Free Lifetime Updates: We are committed to continuously improving this product, and you will receive free lifetime updates whenever a new version becomes available. Stay ahead with the latest features and enhancements.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your data scraping capabilities with the Google Map Extractor. Experience unrivaled efficiency and power in one comprehensive software solution.

GM Google Map Extractor

699 One Time Payment
  • Lifetime updates
  • User Documentation
  • License key Manager(For PC)
  • Unlimited Instalations
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Frequently Asked Questions

GM Google Map Extractor is a Windows-based software designed to run on PCs, offering a solution for scraping data from Google Maps. It allows users to extract unlimited data from Google Maps using a combination of multiple keywords and locations.

Using this system, you can extract various fields from Google Maps, including Business Name, Mobile Number, Review Count, Rating Count, Category, Address, Website, Email ID, Plus Code, Closing Hours, Latitude, Longitude, Instagram profile, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, and Images.

GM Extractor boasts a modern Material Design and the latest Material UI design, ensuring an easy-to-use interface for users.

Yes, GM Extractor is available in over 19 languages, making it accessible to users worldwide.


Yes, detailed documentation with images (including markups) and videos is provided to guide users through the software’s functionalities and features.


Yes, runnable files are provided to ensure seamless installation and operation of the software.


GM Extractor is protected with an Activation Process. Users will receive a KeyGen along with the app bundle to manage license keys.


Yes, you will receive free lifetime updates for GM Extractor. The product is continually improved, and any new updates will be made available to users at no additional cost.

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